Able to capture real-time

video and audio

Low noise production for

silent operations

Easy to use with

no training required

Resistant against impact

for robust usage

Extensive action by running

more than an hour

Sita Robotics

Sita Robotics believes that ‘lack-of-information’ should be out of the equation during complex operations and cannot be the restraining factor in the decision-making process. Every action needs to be planned, especially when the safety risks are high.


Our solution makes acquiring information easy and accessible for every safety and security operator. The multi-sensory information network is better capable of improving situational awareness and increasing the overall efficiency.


“Lifesaving information, available for everyone, in every situation.”

Front lightweight Sita Robot

Front of SPEAR

Back Throwabot Throw a bot

Back of SPEAR

GCS controler for robots


Robots up close

SPEAR  close up

Sita robotics - Robots


GCS Controller and Sita Robots

Controller and The SPEAR Robots

SPEAR (Silent, Portable, Easy and Robust)

Keywords: Lightweight / Compact / Portable / Robust / Multiple Robots / No training required / Video & Audio / Silence / Patrolling / Surveillance / Reconnaissance / Remote inspection applications

helps increase efficiency by enhancing situational awareness anddecisiveness, with reconnaissance robots that are robust, accessible and intuitive to operate in challenging environments.

In hazardous or dangerous situations our robots help gathering useful information, hence reducing operating time without putting lives at risk.

Our Dedicated Team

Sita Robotics - Live to fight another day

InitiatorDanny Hameeteman

Mechatronics System Engineer (TMC),
Co-founder at Sita Robotics
Toine kuipers

InspiratorToine Kuipers

Test Engineer / NPI at VDL ETG (TMC),
Co-founder at Sita Robotics
Bart van Lieren

ConnectorBart van Liere

AIES Master student at TU/e,
Co-founder at Sita Robotics

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